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Touchless Means Safer
Introducing a Hands-Free and Completely Contactless Pouring Experience
Intelligent Pouring
Smart. Easy.
Simply Place Your Cup, Hold Up Your Hand, and Watch it Pour.
Premium Beverages
Premium. Delicious.
From Nitro Cold Brew to Kombucha to Tea and Seltzers
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We Offer Two Service Options: Free Flow and Pay-Per-Ounce Vending.
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Introducing Touchless

It's easy. It's smart. It's safe.

We are Commonwealth Joe. Our mission has always been to make your beverage experience amazing. But today, every experience you have must also be safe - and this includes getting beverages. So now we've made safety part of our mission too.

Say hello to our new proprietary Touchless Tap technology. It provides the safest beverage experience available by allowing for completely hands-free and contactless pouring. No hand sanitizer needed.

Intelligent Pouring

Our tap knows when to pour. And when not to.

Our Touchless Tap uses advanced ultrasonic technology to detect when the hand and the cup are both in place before pouring a beverage.

It knows the difference between a person giving a high-five, a person wiping down the machine, and a person trying to pour a cup. You can think of this as intelligent pouring.

Premium Beverages

Nitro Cold Brew.
Teas. Seltzers.
All premium.

We are passionate (maybe even obsessed) about serving premium beverages, and we stand behind anything poured from one of our Touchless Taps.

Ready to start pouring? Our taps can be used almost anywhere... offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, apartment buildings, universities, convention centers, and more.

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We are the leading provider of cold brew on tap, proudly fueling over 500,000 people with our premium nitro cold brew.
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See our Touchless Tap in action.

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Let's pour something delicious together. Safely.

We know that amenities are limited but still important to employees. That's why we partnered with Smart Beverage Technologies in California to develop our proprietary touchless dispensing solution to meet our customers' needs and provide the safest beverage experience.

We also know that your safety is paramount. When setting up our Touchless Tap system, our technicians always wear a mask and gloves. They will install, test to verify sensors are working appropriately, and answer any questions you may have. And don't worry of something breaks. The tap is 100% covered parts and labor for as long as we are your beverage provider. We also have special pricing available for large volume orders and keg distributors.

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